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Functionalities Overview

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Management of member families

  • Rapid form filling requiring little input.
  • Easy and almost instantaneous Search Function with multiple criteria.
  • Intuitive management of subscription fees and late, loss or damage penalties.
  • Handy access to all active loans and loan history.
  • One-click renewal of all loans for a family or only some of them.
  • Daily report on late loans for a rapid call-back of the latecomers.
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Management of toys and other items (books, tapes...)

  • Find the desired toy rapidly among your inventory thanks to very flexible search criteria.
  • Navigate easily between all the items corresponding to your criteria.
  • Instantly know who borrowed any item and all the others who borrowed it before.
  • Obtain their detailed record with one click.
  • If you have similar toys, add them to your database in a snap.
Items' screen - Click to enlarge

Management of loan, return, damage, loss and theft

  • If members are waiting in line at the counter it's because, despite your efficient Libertoy, you want to take the time to talk to them. Truly, even when typing with one finger, the loan or return of multiple toys will be faster to get in Libertoy than finding a pencil to jolt down the details on a piece of paper.
  • Dates are calculated automatically or entered manually through a built-in calendar.
  • Fines calculations are also automatic but can be modify on the fly.
  • You will get an instant visual confirmation that you have loaned or recovered the right item.
  • If you just found a toy truck under a shelf that you had believed loaned or lost, "click-click" and it's now adjusted on your inventory.
Loan management screens - Click to enlarge

Configuration, reports and other tools

Many practical features designed to facilitate your experience will make you happy when they come into action:
  • Get a complete statistics report on the number of loans, new members, visitors, collected fines, items gone for repair in a few seconds.
  • Automatic accounting of fees, fines and adjustments.
  • With the Transaction report, any cashbox error is rapidly found.
  • You always view reports on-screen before printing them.
  • Choose the categories of toys or other items that you have.
  • Select your business days so the late penalties are calculated accordingly and not necessarily based on 7 days weeks.
  • Libertoy will let you know if a loan should not be allowed according to the rules (late loan, amount due ...) but will not prevent it. You are in control !
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Support for bar code readers

  • Intelligent interpretation of any code with RapidAccess to go directly to the member's file or record a toy return as the case may be.
  • Automatic toy loaning by scanning Libertoy's produced labels or those from the manufacturers.
  • Libertoy allows you to use waterproof pre-printed labels with alphanumeric or bar-codes.
  • Print member cards and bar-code labels with your toy library's logo and contacts.
Bar codes reader


For a complete description of Libertoy's functionalities, please download the User Manual (760K).


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